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rEVO Biologics, Inc. is a company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for rare diseases. We are bringing to the market therapeutics that make a real difference in the lives of patients.

rEVO Biologics is a company within the LFB Group, a leading European biopharmaceutical company specialized in innovative biotherapies, marketing its medicinal products in more than 40  countries around the world. Within the LFB Group, rEVO focuses on commercial execution in the United States. LFB USA, an affiliate company to rEVO, is a development, manufacturing and services provider to rEVO as well as to LFB S.A. in France.

The company was developed to answer the challenges of medicine: how to develop therapies for rare diseases that are accessible within specialized markets. Our track record of commercialization success began in the area of hereditary antithrombin deficiency with the strong sales growth and significant market share gains of our first product, ATryn® Antithrombin (Recombinant), the first and only antithrombin concentrate not derived from pooled plasma.

Our unique, patient-driven approach to therapeutics enables expanded access to novel therapies for the treatment of rare diseases. rEVO Biologics is committed to making a difference in the lives of patients.

With deliberate urgency, we are revolutionizing the development of life-changing and life-saving medications to help improve patient care. Because for patients living with a rare disease, every day makes a difference.